We understand that each hire into your legal group is significant and needs to be a good fit. We specialize in identifying attorneys who thrive in corporate settings, adding value to your business team and your bottom line.


In-House Attorneys are Valuable

Hiring attorneys internally provides corporate, financial and strategic efficiencies.

  • In-house attorneys know where to focus both internal and external time and resources

  • Legal knowledge and strong business acumen are a winning combination that adds value to your management team
  • In-house attorneys are already knowledgeable about your company
  • Accessible in-house attorneys promote collaboration and minimize risk

Core Competencies of an In-House Attorney

EpsteinSchwartz Legal Search understands that each company has highly specialized hiring needs. In-house attorneys must:

  • Understand the unique complexities of the company and industry they serve

  • Be collaborative, self-starting, and able to take ownership of problems
  • Possess strong business and finance acumen

  • Have the ability to prioritize the issues at hand

  • Be strategic and decisive

All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We strategize to achieve optimum results, always keeping in mind our stringent commitment to the highest ethical standards, integrity, and confidentiality.


Why EpsteinSchwartz?

After each placement, we continue to build a long-term relationship with you to meet your ongoing legal hiring needs as your attorneys move on or up and as your firm or company grows and changes.