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Alternative Careers for Lawyers — What can I do next with my law degree?

Many lawyers at some point contemplate leaving the practice of law.  While some attorneys truly fall into a non-legal role, most do serious soul searching and legwork before they decide in what direction to take their careers.  Here is the good news -- there are plenty of jobs that don’t require a J.D., but may favor candidates that have one.

Acing the Remote Interview

No long commute, no full suit, and no awkward handshake. Remote interviews are great, right? Not so fast. While remote interviews may seem easy, they’re often harder to prepare for [...]

Career Planning 101

As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect and resolve.  This should include giving some real thought as to how to move your career forward in [...]

Choosing the Best Writing Sample

Writing samples are an important part of your submission materials when applying for a job, and should therefore be vetted appropriately.  Often times, attorneys focus so intently on getting their [...]

The Art of the Interview

You have gotten an interview – congratulations!  Now you need to prepare.  In addition to figuring out how to get to this interview on time, and what to wear, you [...]

Getting Your First In-House Job

We have all seen that in-house job description that requires, you guessed it, prior in-house experience. With so many lawyers wanting to go in-house, we often hear from frustrated attorneys [...]

A Primer on Giving Notice

A Primer on Giving Notice - How to Leave Your Job Gracefully Notifying your employer and co-workers that you are leaving your current job can be tricky.  While finding a new [...]

Engaging a Legal Search Firm

Working with the right legal search firm should not only ensure that you find great attorney candidates, but should also mean developing a long term relationship that builds on itself [...]

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