As we head into the end of year, I find myself speaking with attorneys more and more about timing.  While law firm lawyers often want to make a job change in January, the market does not always cooperate – particularly for those lawyers focused on in-house positions.  The market for in-house jobs tends to be the busiest during the second and third quarters of the calendar year.  Yes, this means that many lawyers are seeking in-house positions during the least active hiring times.

What should job-seekers be doing from November to March?

They should be networking and having informational meetings with friends and former colleagues.  They should be learning as much as they can about the in-house market, and particularly the nuances of their specialties. While the job market may not be particularly busy, winter is a great time to enlarge your professional network.  If you are looking for an in-house position – you may have to sacrifice your own personal timing to ensure that you have the best opportunity to find that new job.

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